Awkward Giraffe Plush by Awkward Animal

$25.00 (as of July 17, 2018, 8:33 pm)

Awkward Giraffe Plush
Brown, Yellow, Black, White

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Clumsy. Embarrassing. Awkward. No matter who you are, everyone’s had those moments. And it’s times like those when we need someone the most. Well, you’re in luck! Have no fear- Awkward Giraffe will save the day! Well…as soon as he fixes the crick in his neck. Yea…it could take awhile.Awkward Giraffe – guaranteed to rescue you from those everyday embarrassments and/or make things all the more awkward. Results may vary…especially when there’s more than one giraffe around!
Awkward Giraffe Plush
Brown, Yellow, Black, White

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